TGIF – Thank God I Figured-it-out

Not your typical TGIF…

My boss announced that we’ll be getting rotating Fridays off for the summer. That sounds really nice in the abstract, but not so much when your the only employee in the group that gets paid hourly. I can’t bring myself to be too upset about it, though. It’s one day a paycheck that I lose, but I gain three-day weekends. One of which falls right before the 4th of July.

On a sad note, my home internet is being mean to me. My router died on me, with no explanation. It was working, it got accidentally unplugged, I plugged it back in and just… nothing. Tested the power strip, different outlets, hit the reset button… just dead. Even us Tech Monkeys struggle sometimes.

I dug an old dinosaur of a router out of my stash of wires and electronics and just used it as a hub for anything that took an Ethernet cable (like the desktop I’m typing this on). This validates my crazy box of spare wires, power supplies, and random electronics. You can’t call me a tech hoarder anymore, Mom! And thank whatever deity you can name – hell, thank ALL of them – for the wonder that we call 4G. I will gladly admit my dependence on the internet.

Hello, my name is Jessie, and I am addicted to the internet…