Getting my act together. Prepare yourselves. New job, new attitude, new motivation – practically a new person. Its gonna get weird…


General Life Updates


How’s everybody doin’?

Okay, I know, I haven’t written anything in an obscenely long time. I justify that by reminding myself that I am super boring and no one really reads this anyway. I have continued work as usual, only now one of my ass-whole co-workers has quit and I’m pretty much in charge of his responsibilities. Only a few things have really changed. I am counting down to the End Of Days, which means I am working towards quitting my job.

I have been dutifully gathering information and preparing myself to go back to school. I will be going back full-time and looking to get my Masters of Science in Digital Media from Drexel University. Since Albright didn’t really prepare me for much, and Strayer annoyed me so much I had to quit going, I will probably be forced to take prerequisite courses. Oh, and I’m also going to be taking the GRE’s. Lucky me! I’m sure I’ll be posting bitchy things about that at some point, so don’t worry.

On the writing front, I entered NaNoWriMo this year (or National Novel Writing Month). I failed horribly, but at least I tried. And now I have a novel idea I can work on fleshing out and actually finishing. For those of you that read my FanFiction, I swear to whatever Deity you would like that I will one day get my ass in gear. I have so many things partially written, but those plots fell the way of my NaNoWriMo novel… writer’s block and being too damned exhausted from work to care.

As for the near future, I will be getting ready for a friend’s wedding, preparing for the GRE’s, getting my Drexel application together, writing, and doing an insane amount of Holiday related things. It is now far too late for me to be awake and I have to appease my evil managers by showing up to work at 8 am sharp and performing back-to-back Rocket Surgeries all day.


I came home from a hard day of work today to discover something terrifying… Little vile beings had invaded my house (at my mother’s insistence) and stood STARING at me while I sat, oblivious, at my computer. I turned my head to crack my neck and relieve a little stress when suddenly… I SAW them…


Two vile little gnomes in my house

The vile Intruders!


Well, the ceramic bird is a bit of an inside joke between my mother and I. It started one weekend when I was out with my friends and my mom decided to dust the living room. Since I wasn’t there to notice, she turned the bird to appear as though it were staring at me. We very predictably like to sit in the same places on our sectional (opposite corners from one another, actually). It took me a few days to noticed she moved it, but then I decided to get even. I plotted until she wasn’t paying attention, then I turned the bird to stare at her. We’ve been doing that little ruse for some time now, and it can be almost shameful how long it can take us to realize its been turned.

The new, vile addition to the joke is the two gnomes. I. Hate. Gnomes. Like most children my age, I used to watch shows like Smirfs and David the Gnome, but as I grew older I discovered a book series called Goosebumps. In the original run of the series there was a book called Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. Ever since I read that book I have hated gnomes. My mom finds this amusing… I find her amusement terrifying. Especially when it leads to her giving me a travel lawn gnome as a college dorm present. And now, these vile things.


Seemingly Innocent...

They seem totally innocent in this picture, but I assure you that as soon as you turn your back, they make angry faces at you. In light of the new creep gnome movie coming out (Gnomeo and Juliet) my mom thought it would be amusing to get a red hatted one and a blue hatted one. She still won’t tell me where she got them… or when. I shutter at not knowing how long they’ve been in that cabinet staring at me. I can live only slightly more at ease now, as I took both of them outside and locked them on the porch. I wonder how long it’ll take for me to stop checking the house and porch to make sure mom didn’t bring them back in…. and I wonder how long after that it’ll take mom to bring them back into the house >_<.


Get Better!!

Hi, my name is Jessie, and I am addicted to D&D.

I lay all of the blame on my friends. On an innocent trip to the Renaissance Fair a few months ago, my friends cornered me in a high-speed cage of no escape (aka, the car) and got me to agree to join their D&D campaign. Now, I have been doing RPG for quite some time, and I know how to create a deep and meaningful character for use in the long haul. What I did not know, was that D&D was sort of like RPG.

Only a million times more epic.

My one friend Greg is our DM, who is a Theater and Psychology major from the same college as me. If you haven’t seen yet how this is once piece of the epic D&D puzzle, I shall explain. Greg writes plays… epic plays. I was a part of one, and since it was not of the theater groups official shows of the year, we had to do rehearsals in pieces whenever we could find time. That means that no one had any idea how long the play would actually be straight through. Turns out, it was a little over three hours. He also has a hankering for torturing the SHIT out of his playthi- I mean, players. Each of us is given an under-plot, and he talks with us regularly about our characters and their motivations.

Now, our campaign in a little one, and I’m really not as much of a major player as I could be. Greg plays a lot of DM characters throughout our little journey (which is pretty awesome with his theater background.. he really gets into it) which adds to our character load, but there really aren’t that many of us. Besides Greg and I are Karen, Chessy, and Dirk. And every so often a couple of others drop in to play. Our merry band of travelers seem to only be able to do one thing very well… and that’s get ourselves into epic trouble. Though, we also have a lot of fun getting ourselves out of it.

And… the girl to guy ratio is either even or more girls to guys for most games. Take that, awkward gamers that think girls can’t do nerdy things.

Now D&D has become a minor addiction… there are weekly sessions, and I am almost always there either via Skype or in person if I can. Sometimes life becomes a dick and keeps me from the epic-ness.


On a slightly related note: this nerdy chick is going to PAXEast this March. And she is SO EXCITED.

Rocket Surgery

I am a Rocket Surgeon.

Not a Rocket Scientist, not a Brain Surgeon. A Rocket Surgeon.

I came to this conclusion after my job decided to do a massive hiring for all of our departments. Now, I pack party linens. This means I get someone’s order, I go find the linens (table cloths, napkins, chair covers, sashes, etc.) in the colors/fabrics they want, get the amount they want, pack the linens into a plastic bag with the air pressed out it, slap an order sticker on it, and set it on a cart to be prepared for delivery. I thought it was an easy job. A brain numbingly easy job. I was wrong.

We have our own laundry service in the back that is largely run an operated using a temp agency that mostly employs Cambodians. They wash, dry, iron, press, and fold the linens that get returned. Once that happens, the linens get handed off to our packers. The packers color-match the linens and pack them (also into plastic bags with the air pressed out of them). They put a label on the bag telling us the color/fabric/pattern, the size of the linen, and how many are in the bag. After all that, they put the linens in their designated place on the shelves.

When I was first hired, I did this packer job. Now, I know I am much better with colors (being an art major) and  have very good eyesight, so I am good at spotting different shades. What took me a few days was recognizing the sizes and memorizing all the color/fabric/pattern names (not the colors themselves, just the names our company chose to bestow upon them). Note, I said a few days. That’s all.

We hired three new people as packers about a month or so ago. They still have trouble. With everything. Color-matching is apparently the most difficult job ever conceived. Also, telling the difference between a round cloth and a square/rectangular cloth is nearly impossible (even though we have them folded differently specifically to tell them apart). It became a consensus between myself and my two co-workers (who have both been there longer than I have), Matt and Corinne, that the job we are able to do so easily and learn so quickly must be something far more difficult to achieve than we originally realized.

It could not simply be called Rocket Science or Brain Surgery. No, those descriptions were for things far easier than the job we apparently do. Thus, a merging of the jobs occurred: Rocket Surgery. This describes perfectly just how difficult and delicate of a job we perform every day.

My only question left… Can I put that on my resumé? I would love to have “Skills Include: Rocket Surgery…” listed on my resumé and see what an employer would say about it in an interview.

Hmm… Maybe I should try it and see…

Code Monkey

I think I am the most impatient student ever.

I do website design (for myself, family, clients, and my current job) and there are all sorts of cool things that are being made available via coding these days. The only problem is… I only have an in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS. And I’m sure what I know of CSS is stuck in the version 2 dark ages as opposed to the nifty new CSS3 that’s being tossed around the web.

Why is this such a problem? I want to do MORE. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re all asking yourselves: “Aren’t you in school for programming?” Yes. The only problem with that, is they’re making me start from the absolute basics. That means I won’t be getting to PHP, JavaScript, CGI, and SQL for quite some time. That means I don’t know how to do more. Not as well as I’d like anyway.

This has all led me to troll the world wide web looking for tutorials, and currently those tutorials have been focused on processing/formatting Form information and emailing it to the correct person. My job is having me re-do their website while I’m stuck in the office during the slow season. They have an online order form, and they had a FrontPage **shudders** auto-generated extension that did all that formatting for them. Only problem is, since I’m not using FrontPage, I can’t connect to it, so I have to make my own or leave them to suffer as they try to decipher the unformatted information. This involves CGI coding and Perl support. The code itself is confusing enough to burn my retinas trying to scan through it, but at least I understand the basic layout and logic setup. The tutorial explains what I would need to personalize for my own Form/email.

All that sounds right on track, right? No. ALL of the tutorials show the code referencing the program sendmail, which is a Perl supported program. The server I was given to use will eventually just be hosting a “dummy site” that shows off the companies products, but without any of their logos and main website bells and whistles. That means the server its on has crap as far as options and doesn’t have the Perl support sub folders I need. That means I don’t know for sure whether the final server the main site goes on will have those options, or the file paths for them. That also means I can’t test any of it unless I use the server their current site is on.

With how edgy my boss is about messing around with technology, I doubt that’s going to happen. Unless he knows for sure it works and he likes it, it won’t get the official go-ahead. Now I’m stuck looking for an alternate way to do what I need without CGI and Perl.

This is going to be a long day.