Big Bad

Big Bad Red ZOX strap with my Little Red Riding Hood t-shirt from Spaghetti Kiss

Big Bad Red with the Big Bad Wolf. How I rocked my Friday.



I came home from a hard day of work today to discover something terrifying… Little vile beings had invaded my house (at my mother’s insistence) and stood STARING at me while I sat, oblivious, at my computer. I turned my head to crack my neck and relieve a little stress when suddenly… I SAW them…


Two vile little gnomes in my house

The vile Intruders!


Well, the ceramic bird is a bit of an inside joke between my mother and I. It started one weekend when I was out with my friends and my mom decided to dust the living room. Since I wasn’t there to notice, she turned the bird to appear as though it were staring at me. We very predictably like to sit in the same places on our sectional (opposite corners from one another, actually). It took me a few days to noticed she moved it, but then I decided to get even. I plotted until she wasn’t paying attention, then I turned the bird to stare at her. We’ve been doing that little ruse for some time now, and it can be almost shameful how long it can take us to realize its been turned.

The new, vile addition to the joke is the two gnomes. I. Hate. Gnomes. Like most children my age, I used to watch shows like Smirfs and David the Gnome, but as I grew older I discovered a book series called Goosebumps. In the original run of the series there was a book called Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. Ever since I read that book I have hated gnomes. My mom finds this amusing… I find her amusement terrifying. Especially when it leads to her giving me a travel lawn gnome as a college dorm present. And now, these vile things.


Seemingly Innocent...

They seem totally innocent in this picture, but I assure you that as soon as you turn your back, they make angry faces at you. In light of the new creep gnome movie coming out (Gnomeo and Juliet) my mom thought it would be amusing to get a red hatted one and a blue hatted one. She still won’t tell me where she got them… or when. I shutter at not knowing how long they’ve been in that cabinet staring at me. I can live only slightly more at ease now, as I took both of them outside and locked them on the porch. I wonder how long it’ll take for me to stop checking the house and porch to make sure mom didn’t bring them back in…. and I wonder how long after that it’ll take mom to bring them back into the house >_<.


Well, Merry Freakin’ Christmas

My holiday spirit went out the door and disappeared into the void this year. Granted, it was first year where I worked a full-time job like a normal productive member of society. It really sucks when you don’t get six weeks off for the winter season…

I worked right up to Christmas Eve, and seeing as I work in a party linen warehouse, we were busy as hell. We got a little reprieve from work on Christmas Eve, and we did get a nice little brunch celebration thrown for all the workers, but it’s just nicer to have time to ease into the holiday season. We were so busy leading up to the holiday that the week of Christmas came around and my mother and I realized we hadn’t even decorated. The sad part was, we decided we just didn’t care enough to drag out all the decorations.

It was a miracle I finished all my shopping. I still have a few things I need to wrap, too… This year was also a new experience. I tried to find time to see my boyfriend, who I will have been dating for one year next week. Apparently we both have very busy holiday schedules. We are definitely going to have to figure out how to split holidays up in the future. With the season sneaking up on the both of us, we also didn’t figure out what the hell was going on until far too late.

But at least someone enjoyed the holidays… As I promised before, pictures of the puppies playing in the holiday snow.

Foster and Sydney in the snow

Foster just looked so regal in the snow, that I ended up getting another picture of him.

Foster alert and surveying the territory

Hope you had a Merry Freakin’ Christmas (or Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc.) and have a Happy Freakin’ New Year.

The First Snow

And winter has officially begun.

Snow really does look beautiful from the window of a warm house as it builds and mutes the city landscape into something more majestic. Then, you have to strap on your boots, tie a scarf around your neck, pull your gloves and your hat on and brave the weather. I stepped outside, getting reading to walk the 10 blocks to work and thought, “Oh, it isn’t that bad. I can make to work just fine.”

That was the stupidest thing to say. Halfway down my block I whipped in the face with a wind gust filled with icy snow. But I trudged on, head bowed, and finally made it into work. By the time I got into the door my hat, coat, boots, and what had been visible of my pants were caked in snow. One of my coworkers referred to be as Jessie the Snow-woman.

Thankfully we only work a half-day on weekends to begin with, and our boss let us out earlier because of the snow. And more than that, I got a ride home.

Now, I get to absorb the beauty that is drifts of snow settling on the landscape in a warm house. Though, every now and then I get a taste of the outside when I have to go call my dogs in and pull the little balls of snow from between their toes. I’ll post pictures and/or video of the puppies happily romping in the snow soon.

At least someone in this house likes being out in snow.

Joining Bloggers Anonymous

I have finally decided to get myself a decent blog. Yes, that’s right. I realized that the LiveJournal I’ve had since middle school was just a load of crap. I never used the damned thing anyway. Knowing me, I’ll keep it around so I can check up on friends who still use it, but this is what I’ll be shifting my focus to.

Starting this blog has been an experience. I had to go through the crap of choosing a theme, tweaking all my settings, then adding links and pages and all that. I was too cheap to get a domain just for this, so I went with the free on WordPress option.

I should warn you, when it comes to personal things, like my own blog, website, art projects, etc. I happen to be pretty lazy. I may or may not get all my settings set up the way I really want them to be. Oh, and I’m a massive nerd, so prepare yourselves. Now, my formal intro:

My name is Jessie, and I’m a 22 year old female in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I graduated college at the end of May and have yet to find a job. Looking for someone? To do anything? Seriously, I need money badly enough, I’m pretty open to job suggestions. I’d rather wait until I can get a job doing something I love, like website or graphic design, but I need to start paying off my college loans in November. I’ve just recently celebrated my six month anniversary with my boyfriend Phil, and I’ve begun to try and reconnect with friends and family I had left behind when I went to college, but keep my college friends close.

Now, gear up and get ready to watch me find things that amuse me, piss me off, confuse me, and tempt me. And you’ll probably find me amusing as I get my nerd on.