Don’t Sass Me

My weekend round-up. Plus, the amount of sarcasm in Help Desk tickets was a little extreme today. Lastly, weather has broken me. I’m pretty sure I’m no longer capable of regulating my own body temperature.

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TGIF – Thank God I Figured-it-out

Not your typical TGIF…

My boss announced that we’ll be getting rotating Fridays off for the summer. That sounds really nice in the abstract, but not so much when your the only employee in the group that gets paid hourly. I can’t bring myself to be too upset about it, though. It’s one day a paycheck that I lose, but I gain three-day weekends. One of which falls right before the 4th of July.

On a sad note, my home internet is being mean to me. My router died on me, with no explanation. It was working, it got accidentally unplugged, I plugged it back in and just… nothing. Tested the power strip, different outlets, hit the reset button… just dead. Even us Tech Monkeys struggle sometimes.

I dug an old dinosaur of a router out of my stash of wires and electronics and just used it as a hub for anything that took an Ethernet cable (like the desktop I’m typing this on). This validates my crazy box of spare wires, power supplies, and random electronics. You can’t call me a tech hoarder anymore, Mom! And thank whatever deity you can name – hell, thank ALL of them – for the wonder that we call 4G. I will gladly admit my dependence on the internet.

Hello, my name is Jessie, and I am addicted to the internet…

Tech Monkey Rant: 2-Factor Auth

I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the world of tech support, but as one of those people that provide such support I am amazed at some of the questions and attitudes I come across.

Technology is so prominent right now. We use technology for almost everything. We rely on it to make our lives easier and get things done faster. Yet, because we use it for almost everything, we put so much of our personal information into technology. You would think that people would want to protect that information the best and most secure way they can. Right?

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General Life Updates


How’s everybody doin’?

Okay, I know, I haven’t written anything in an obscenely long time. I justify that by reminding myself that I am super boring and no one really reads this anyway. I have continued work as usual, only now one of my ass-whole co-workers has quit and I’m pretty much in charge of his responsibilities. Only a few things have really changed. I am counting down to the End Of Days, which means I am working towards quitting my job.

I have been dutifully gathering information and preparing myself to go back to school. I will be going back full-time and looking to get my Masters of Science in Digital Media from Drexel University. Since Albright didn’t really prepare me for much, and Strayer annoyed me so much I had to quit going, I will probably be forced to take prerequisite courses. Oh, and I’m also going to be taking the GRE’s. Lucky me! I’m sure I’ll be posting bitchy things about that at some point, so don’t worry.

On the writing front, I entered NaNoWriMo this year (or National Novel Writing Month). I failed horribly, but at least I tried. And now I have a novel idea I can work on fleshing out and actually finishing. For those of you that read my FanFiction, I swear to whatever Deity you would like that I will one day get my ass in gear. I have so many things partially written, but those plots fell the way of my NaNoWriMo novel… writer’s block and being too damned exhausted from work to care.

As for the near future, I will be getting ready for a friend’s wedding, preparing for the GRE’s, getting my Drexel application together, writing, and doing an insane amount of Holiday related things. It is now far too late for me to be awake and I have to appease my evil managers by showing up to work at 8 am sharp and performing back-to-back Rocket Surgeries all day.

Rocket Surgery

I am a Rocket Surgeon.

Not a Rocket Scientist, not a Brain Surgeon. A Rocket Surgeon.

I came to this conclusion after my job decided to do a massive hiring for all of our departments. Now, I pack party linens. This means I get someone’s order, I go find the linens (table cloths, napkins, chair covers, sashes, etc.) in the colors/fabrics they want, get the amount they want, pack the linens into a plastic bag with the air pressed out it, slap an order sticker on it, and set it on a cart to be prepared for delivery. I thought it was an easy job. A brain numbingly easy job. I was wrong.

We have our own laundry service in the back that is largely run an operated using a temp agency that mostly employs Cambodians. They wash, dry, iron, press, and fold the linens that get returned. Once that happens, the linens get handed off to our packers. The packers color-match the linens and pack them (also into plastic bags with the air pressed out of them). They put a label on the bag telling us the color/fabric/pattern, the size of the linen, and how many are in the bag. After all that, they put the linens in their designated place on the shelves.

When I was first hired, I did this packer job. Now, I know I am much better with colors (being an art major) and  have very good eyesight, so I am good at spotting different shades. What took me a few days was recognizing the sizes and memorizing all the color/fabric/pattern names (not the colors themselves, just the names our company chose to bestow upon them). Note, I said a few days. That’s all.

We hired three new people as packers about a month or so ago. They still have trouble. With everything. Color-matching is apparently the most difficult job ever conceived. Also, telling the difference between a round cloth and a square/rectangular cloth is nearly impossible (even though we have them folded differently specifically to tell them apart). It became a consensus between myself and my two co-workers (who have both been there longer than I have), Matt and Corinne, that the job we are able to do so easily and learn so quickly must be something far more difficult to achieve than we originally realized.

It could not simply be called Rocket Science or Brain Surgery. No, those descriptions were for things far easier than the job we apparently do. Thus, a merging of the jobs occurred: Rocket Surgery. This describes perfectly just how difficult and delicate of a job we perform every day.

My only question left… Can I put that on my resumé? I would love to have “Skills Include: Rocket Surgery…” listed on my resumé and see what an employer would say about it in an interview.

Hmm… Maybe I should try it and see…