Don’t Sass Me

My weekend round-up. Plus, the amount of sarcasm in Help Desk tickets was a little extreme today. Lastly, weather has broken me. I’m pretty sure I’m no longer capable of regulating my own body temperature.

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TGIF – Thank God I Figured-it-out

Not your typical TGIF…

My boss announced that we’ll be getting rotating Fridays off for the summer. That sounds really nice in the abstract, but not so much when your the only employee in the group that gets paid hourly. I can’t bring myself to be too upset about it, though. It’s one day a paycheck that I lose, but I gain three-day weekends. One of which falls right before the 4th of July.

On a sad note, my home internet is being mean to me. My router died on me, with no explanation. It was working, it got accidentally unplugged, I plugged it back in and just… nothing. Tested the power strip, different outlets, hit the reset button… just dead. Even us Tech Monkeys struggle sometimes.

I dug an old dinosaur of a router out of my stash of wires and electronics and just used it as a hub for anything that took an Ethernet cable (like the desktop I’m typing this on). This validates my crazy box of spare wires, power supplies, and random electronics. You can’t call me a tech hoarder anymore, Mom! And thank whatever deity you can name – hell, thank ALL of them – for the wonder that we call 4G. I will gladly admit my dependence on the internet.

Hello, my name is Jessie, and I am addicted to the internet…

Get Better!!

Hi, my name is Jessie, and I am addicted to D&D.

I lay all of the blame on my friends. On an innocent trip to the Renaissance Fair a few months ago, my friends cornered me in a high-speed cage of no escape (aka, the car) and got me to agree to join their D&D campaign. Now, I have been doing RPG for quite some time, and I know how to create a deep and meaningful character for use in the long haul. What I did not know, was that D&D was sort of like RPG.

Only a million times more epic.

My one friend Greg is our DM, who is a Theater and Psychology major from the same college as me. If you haven’t seen yet how this is once piece of the epic D&D puzzle, I shall explain. Greg writes plays… epic plays. I was a part of one, and since it was not of the theater groups official shows of the year, we had to do rehearsals in pieces whenever we could find time. That means that no one had any idea how long the play would actually be straight through. Turns out, it was a little over three hours. He also has a hankering for torturing the SHIT out of his playthi- I mean, players. Each of us is given an under-plot, and he talks with us regularly about our characters and their motivations.

Now, our campaign in a little one, and I’m really not as much of a major player as I could be. Greg plays a lot of DM characters throughout our little journey (which is pretty awesome with his theater background.. he really gets into it) which adds to our character load, but there really aren’t that many of us. Besides Greg and I are Karen, Chessy, and Dirk. And every so often a couple of others drop in to play. Our merry band of travelers seem to only be able to do one thing very well… and that’s get ourselves into epic trouble. Though, we also have a lot of fun getting ourselves out of it.

And… the girl to guy ratio is either even or more girls to guys for most games. Take that, awkward gamers that think girls can’t do nerdy things.

Now D&D has become a minor addiction… there are weekly sessions, and I am almost always there either via Skype or in person if I can. Sometimes life becomes a dick and keeps me from the epic-ness.


On a slightly related note: this nerdy chick is going to PAXEast this March. And she is SO EXCITED.