Don’t Sass Me

My weekend round-up. Plus, the amount of sarcasm in Help Desk tickets was a little extreme today. Lastly, weather has broken me. I’m pretty sure I’m no longer capable of regulating my own body temperature.

This weekend I indulged my inner beer nerd and headed out to Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. to celebrate their 5th anniversary. I took no pictures, because my hands were filled with beer and fried food, but I’m about to make you jealous with words. This thing was a three-part summer experience. The usual, awesome bar area with air hockey, arcade games, and some World Cup Qualifier soccer projected up on the wall. They had a pretty nice anniversary brew called Fivefold Pillow. If you’re a craft beer/IPA enthusiast, I recommend giving it a try if you can find it.

PS – Germany killed it on Saturday. Seriously. 7-0. It was both exciting and predictable.

The next area of the warehouse that makes up this brew-heaven was decked out with two more temp bars and a nice gathering of vendors. I got to watch a badass bearded man in a kilt whittle pipes. Plus, soap made out of beer. You could hear the next discovery echoing through the vendor area, but headed out back brought you smack into a free concert featuring Samiam. Plus, even more temp bars and delicious food trucks. We hit up a Brazilian truck and got friend bacon balls and coxinha (essentially chicken crochets) with fries. SO. GOOD.

Did I mention that this whole shebang is dog friendly? Because it is. All the time. The brewery doesn’t make or serve its own food, so doggos are welcome all year round. It was pretty fantastic.

We finished off the night by making a short trip over to the Broken Goblet to snag some more beer and some Nick’s roast beef sandwiches. Broken Goblet is for true craft beer lovers who are willing to get weird. But it is totally worth it.

Sunday just consisted of me being lazy, hung over, and trying to avoid the blazing resurgence of summer that suddenly happened outside. I didn’t have any choice about it today, though. Going to work is kind of required if you want to eat.

Today was not only hot as hell, but an English professor on campus taught us the meaning of sarcasm with their Help Desk ticket. I could hear drip heavily from every word as I read through it. Are campus has now become part of the G Suite for Education empire, and it has been a great change for the college overall. However, this professor found the one, nearly insignificant thing they could complain about and they laid into us about it. And trust me, there are a lot of other things our campus community could complain about due to this change…

They were having trouble with a collaborative file, so it was probably one of the other contributors that did something they either weren’t supposed to or that they didn’t realize it would affect everyone and not just them. It happens with collaborative files. No matter what system you’re using. If multiple people have editing rights to any file, things can go wrong/missing. That is why there is generally a recovery or versioning system with a lot of different programs. Google’s is probably the easiest to access and use that I’ve seen recently.

Just asking your helpful IT crew nicely works just as well to get it handled. No need to go all Basil Fawlty on us.

I end my night enjoying How to Train your Dragon and about to play some Diablo… while wrapped in a blanket and wearing flannel pants. Because it’s so hot outside that I need the AC on, but the AC gets too cold… there is no in-between for me. I am broken.


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