Tech Monkey Rant: 2-Factor Auth

I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the world of tech support, but as one of those people that provide such support I am amazed at some of the questions and attitudes I come across.

Technology is so prominent right now. We use technology for almost everything. We rely on it to make our lives easier and get things done faster. Yet, because we use it for almost everything, we put so much of our personal information into technology. You would think that people would want to protect that information the best and most secure way they can. Right?

We are trying to roll out two-factor authentication. Once this is set up, it takes an extra 10-20 seconds (yes, I timed it) to log in to your account. We have departments dragging their feet and complaining about it because its “inconvenient” and it “takes too long.” Well, seeing as most of you people use your work accounts for personal 3rd party sites and services that leaves our network and your personal information at risk. But I’m sure that getting your identity stolen or having your paychecks rerouted to another account or having someone takeover your Amazon account wouldn’t be inconvenient at all.

Seriously, take the extra 10-20 damn seconds to log into your account. Better yet – stop using your damn work account for personal things.

We also have people that we’ve managed to get onto our 2-factor system, but they only have one device registered – and its a desk phone. And they are insistent that they don’t need to add any other device. Good luck trying to access anything outside of your office. Like going to a conference, working from home, or even attending a workshop in another building.

I spend a lot of my time answering questions and looking at help tickets and just imagining this meme:



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